Shopping for your vegetarian/vegan friends and loved ones is actually not as difficult as you might think. 

These days there are a TON of options out there, from food to fashion, many of which are not only vegan friendly, but also sustainable and eco-friendly (the two do not always go together!) Certainly when purchasing food stuff, animal products always seem to have a way of slipping in when you might least expect them to - and nothing says "gift fail" like accidentally giving your vegan friend a treat with soy lecithin or a bag lined with leather or even coated with beeswax. 

This is where BOSANI is here to help - we offer a range of affordable high quality plant-based accessories that are vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly. How? Unlike many vegan accessories that consist primarily if not solely of plastic (PU leather), we use materials that are plant-based and sustainably produced - cork, Piñatex (pineapple leaf fabric), and cotton (such as our waterproof canvas wallets). This means that our products are breathable - great for sports, water-resistant - can even go into the shower with you, and not toxic to the environment like PU plastics or animal skins (particularly harmful during the manufacturing/color processing phases). 

 While our plant-based vegan accessories are totally unisex, we have some fan favorites among the vegan men - especially our range of Piñatex money clips and mechanized wallets - and our newly released tactical waterproof canvas mechanized wallets. And favorites among our vegan women are our Piñatex pouches - perfectly matched to our colorful arrange of plant-based watch bands. The double tours especially are particularly fashionable. 

 So what are you waiting for - the holidays are just around the corner and I know you are keen to lock in those vegan gifts right away. Oh - and a portion of all our proceeds goes to organizations that rescue farm animals. So not only are you getting a great gift, helping the environment, you are also supporting the opportunity to support our cute (but sadly exploited) animal friends. 

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