Light Khaki Canvas Mechanized Wallet RFID

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Light Khaki Canvas Mechanized Wallet with RFID lining
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This rugged yet super durable light khaki waterproof canvas wallets makes carrying cards and cash super convenient. 

Simple and unassuming on the outside, full of life on the inside – that’s the brief summary of this BOSANI waterproof canvas wallets. With this product, it is the best combination of aesthetics, comfort and convenience. No more limited capacity. No more bulky design.    

Only the best material

Made from 100% high-quality waterproof canvas, the wallet offers a durable grip and comfortable hand-feel. 

The ruggedness with combined high quality waterproof canvas makes the wallet better as it ages while delivering a characteristic and unique look.  

Mechanized Holder

The mechanized card holder can hold up to 8-10 cards comfortably at the same time, while still operating easily. With just the press of a button, you can access any specific card you want. 

Enormous space

It can hold 15-20 bills and additional cards at the same time - but you can store more than that!

Slim and convenient

The total dimensions of this wallet are 4.33 x 3.15 inches. And when full, its maximum thickness is only 0.60 inch, which means the wallet fits nicely in any pocket. 

100% Security - RFID Protection

For ultimate protection, we have lined the canvas with RFID protection to secure your cards against hi-tech thieves.

Our promise

The first and primary goal for our company is 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, if you detect any faults derived from our products, we will readily refund or make a replacement within 30 days.

Order now and try BOSANI minimalist wallet risk-free for 1 month, why not?  

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